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The Greatest Good

To design our products based on the life cycle of the textiles themselves is the only immediate solution the sewn goods industry has to the climate crisis.


My name is Juniper Darwin Young, and I'm here to put my money where my mouth is. 

The true meaning of design is to offer a solution to a problem. Everything else is just glorified arts and crafts.

I believe that there exists only one true problem today -- the sustainability crisis. The way we harvest, process, consume, and discard resources needs to change if humanity is to expect a future. Many solutions today suggest that we move backward -- consume less, live beneath our means, etc. But you and I both know that most are unwilling to commit to such regression. To be a relevant solution to this problem, eco-design must move forward with the times, and must not replace humanity's want to look ahead. ​

Unmarked Gear is not only a design experiment in producing carry goods while zeroing textile waste, but also my promise to you to redevelop the way the industry uses and manages textiles, to refocus design back on solving real life-threatening issues, and to convince others to follow suit. 

That's a lot to accomplish. The products available here are just the first step. Join me in contributing to the next.