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So you're ready to hop on to the Unmarked wagon? Contribute to a sustainable future? Help me change the the way the industry manages its textiles? Let's talk. 

Unmarked Gear has a few general ground rules on wholesale pricing, stock quantity, fabrics, colorways, and the like. That being said, I want to provide you with goods that will help you and everything that you're about, even if it means being a bit flexible on some points.

Be advised that the only thing I am non-negotiable on is waste -- I will not make design changes that will end up using fabric irresponsibly. That being said, this means that I'll work that much harder to ensure that we can fulfill your vision while also meeting my standards. 

Drop me a line at and tell me a little bit about yourself -- Who are you? What's your trade? What's your mission? Where does sustainability fit into your business model? How do you see Unmarked Gear fitting in with your vision?

Together, we can prove that any sewn product can be made sustainably and with no waste while still being good for business. I look forward to hashing out some details together.