The Dopp Kit

The Dopp Kit

Perfect for keeping your things together without having to take all those pesky receipts of half-used bottles of hand sanitizer out and re-organizing them into a different bag. 

  • Specifications

    • Approximately 3L in volume -- enough for your toiletries, a bike maintenance kit, or two fat burritos 
    • Roughly 8" W x 2" H x 7" D 
    • Weatherproof, meaning it's as waterproof as you're ever going to need it to be if you don't make a habit of falling into pools  
    • Adjustable construction that allows the shape of the kit to conform to whatever you've got in it -- bigger when it's full, flatter and more compact when it's not 
    • And most importantly: 0 sq. inches of fabric waste produced
  • Shipping

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Material and Color (Exterior / Interior)