The Feedbag

The Feedbag

Is there even the slightest chance that you'll end up riding home with a growler? A mega burrito? A bunch of random flora you found while off-roading? Say no more.


NOTE: A few of these Feedbags are of the older model which DO NOT have a full cinch closure at the top. This means that during Seattle-esque weather, it's best to tuck your electronics in a more waterproof spot. It also means that smaller items may pop out if you're getting too rad. Check the photos for the colorway you're looking at to make sure whether it's a full cinch closure or a partial one. Reach out if you're still unsure. 


Need help figuring out the Molle attachment system? Check this out. 

  • Specifications

    • Comfortably fits all your beverages or your ultra-fat Chipotle burrito 
    • Weatherproof, meaning you're fine during most weather, but because cinch closures inherently cannot make a waterproof seal, try to tuck your electronics in a more weatherproof spot than this if it starts really pouring. If you're looking for a bit more moisture protection, check out the Accessory Pouch
    • Molle-spec webbing strap on exterior and on back for custom attachment points to your bike -- handlebars, Wald basket, saddle, whatever
    • Compatible molle-spec for quick attachment to other Unmarked Gear products
    • Drawcord top to quickly seal up whatever you're carrying 
    • Approximately 7.5"H (sans cinch top) x 4.5"W x 4.5"D
    • And most importantly: 0 sq. inches of fabric waste produced
  • Shipping

    USPS shipping only. No international shipping is available at this time. Customer is responsible for all applicable shipping charges.

Material and Color (Exterior / Interior)