The Rack Bag

The Rack Bag

The carry-it-all cargo bag that you can haul around town as a duffel or strap to your bike on a multi-night tour. Why not bring that extra sweater with you? And who knows? Maybe you might end up finishing your book and need to bring another one to tide you over until you're back in town. Whatever it is, the Rack Bag can handle it. 

  • Specifications

    • Approximately 35L in volume -- this thing can pack like a million punches
    • Roughly 15" W x 18" H x 10" D -- perfectly sculpted to fit in your Wald basket or on your Surly 24 Pack Rack 
    • Weatherproof, meaning it's as waterproof as you're ever going to need it to be if you don't make a habit of falling into pools 
    • Molle-spec front and back panels to strap an extra stuff sack to or to slap a Feedbag on for extra storage and convenience 
    • Adjustable compression straps on sides
    • Swivel hooks on sides for an easily adjustable rolltop without having to undo the buckles -- super handy for when this bag is strapped to a bike as it means no more unbuckling to access your gear! 
    • Detachable 1 1/2" wide shoulder strap 
    • Four D-rings so you can customize how your shoulder strap attaches 
    • Two handles at the top of the rolltop for easy haulin'
    • And most importantly: 0 sq. inches of fabric waste produced
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