The Saddlebag

The Saddlebag

You like to be prepared for all-day adventures on a bike, or like to go minimal gear bikepacking. You like having your gear easily accessible from your handlebars or the back of your saddle. You like bags that are customizable to your personal carry style. This you? Thought so.


Depending on how you load this thing, you may need a rack or at least a sturdy fender to keep this bag off of your front wheel.

  • Specifications

    • Approximately 30L in volume -- enough for a super minimalist bikepacking trip or a long day ride with a picnic lunch
    • Roughly 12" W x 18" H x 6" D 
    • Weatherproof, meaning it's as waterproof as you're ever going to need it to be if you don't make a habit of falling into pools 
    • Opt for a waterproof zipper (+$10) so you can get some extra protection for your goods (NOTE: Already made items will not have the option of swapping out the regular zipper with a waterproof one. You will have to order a custom one that will be made to order.) 
    • Detachable 1 1/2" wide webbing shoulder strap for cross-body carry 
    • Molle-spec side panels and front panel for customizable carry -- pairs perfectly with the Feedbag or Accessory Pouch if you've got the room for it, meaning it's narrow drop bar friendly! 
    • Compatible attachment points for your Brooks saddle/seatpost or your handlebars/headtube
    • Attachment straps on the underside of the flap so you can attach bulky objects that you don't have to adjust to access the main compartment
    • Additional attachment straps on the back panel and at the bottom of the bag for additional cargo carrying options
    • Detachable female buckles on flap to customize how you carry and how you want the flap to sit on the bag 
    • Two handles at the top of the rolltop for easy haulin' 
    • Comes with two hook straps and one bungee strap to attach to your handlebars and headtube, respectively
    • And most importantly: 0 sq. inches of fabric waste produced
  • Shipping

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