The Stuff Sack

The Stuff Sack

Super multi-functional, use this bad boy to stuff into your anything cages on your bike, or just to add a bit of organization to any of your larger bags. 

  • Specifications

    • No lining to keep the product lightweight and easy to handle 
    • Approximately 5L in volume -- enough for some spare clothes, a light sleeping bag, your cookset, or a mini tent set
    • Roughly 6" W x 24" H x 6" D 
    • Weatherproof, meaning it's as waterproof as you're ever going to need it to be if you don't make a habit of falling into pools 
    • Molle-spec webbing down one side for easy attachment to your Widefoot cage, or to another bag 
    • Adjustable rolltop to accommodate anything from the lightest load to "I'm going to disappear into the bush with my bike for a month and need every tube I own" 
    • And most importantly: 0 sq. inches of fabric waste produced
  • Shipping

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Material and Color (Exterior only)
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