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Something broke on my bag. How can I get it repaired?

Use the Contact section of the site to start the process. Send me a detailed description of what happened and a few photos if you can. I don't offer an across-the-board warranty and consider each repair individually. Human error or not, though, I'll do my best to make sure you and your gear are taken care of. Be prepared to pay for shipping in the event that we need to get your item back to me for repairs/maintenance.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately not for the moment. The related costs and time-frame are not yet within my resources to accommodate.

What does the Unmarked Gear logo mean?

Look up the Double Diamond design theory. This is essentially the thought model I have used and continue to use in everything I do. Because it is such a large part of my life, I decided to use its visualization as inspiration for my logo.

How do I wash my bag?

Washing machines are out of the question. The beeswax used on all my products would gunk up not only your gear but your machine as well. I recommend the old fashioned method -- dish soap, warm water, a rag or horsehair brush for spot treatment, and patience. Air dry only.

Can I get my order rushed?

The answer is very likely no. Every item is made to order so I need to allocate time to order new fabric/parts if needed, take the time to make and check your order, then ship it out. That being said, it never hurts to ask! Head on over to the Contact page and let's see what we can work out.

There were leftover marks on my bag when I received it. Is it defective?

Thankfully not! I only use non-permanent marking methods (chalk, water-soluble penciles) so if for some reason I missed blotting one out, feel free to use a damp towel to get it off yourself. Or, you can leave it be and let normal use let it wear it away. If there's something else on it that doesn't look like pencil markings, use the Contact form and let's sort it out.

Do you take custom orders?

On a case-by-case basis. Reach out at and let's talk. Give me as much information and detail as possible -- specs, dimensions, features, sketches, reference photos, etc. I'll tell you right now though that the zero waste portion of my deal is absolutely non-negotiable. If you're okay with that, let's get to work. DO NOT check out using the Custom Product item in my webstore until I explicitly tell you to do so.

The wax on my bag seems to be wearing thin. Will you rewax it?

Absolutely! Through normal use and care, the beeswax coated on my gear will wear away, which means my bags are more susceptible to moisture. Use the Contact form to reach out to me, and we can work out how you can get your bag back to me for a little TLC.

What is your return policy?

Use the Contact form to initiate a return with me. Returns and exchanges are accepted for the exact purchase value of the item within 30 days of receipt and with original proof of purchase. Items must be in new condition. Use of the item in any capacity voids any kind of return or exchange possibility. Original shipping costs are non-refundable. Sale and custom items are not eligible for returns.

Where do you make your gear?

I make everything myself in the second bedroom of my apartment that I've co-opted as my studio space. I am based in MD, USA.

My bag could use an overall tune up. Is that something you can do?

I got you, homie! Bags, as with all things, tend to show their age after regular use. Reach out to me using the Contact form and we'll discuss what you need done. A tune up for my bags will generally include cleaning, repairs, and rewaxing to get your gear back up to speed and ready for more adventures!

Where do you source your materials?

I work hard to source everything I use from suppliers that match or even exceed my own standards for ethical production and sustainable business practice. I'm happy to say I've found some badasses out there that are able to provide everything needed for projects such as Unmarked Gear. My hemp canvas, cotton webbing, hemp binding, and hemp braided cord come from Rawganique. They grow, process, spin, and weave all of their own hemp in ateliers based in the US or in Europe. All materials they produce are made organically and without the use of forever chemicals. My cotton thread comes from Organic Cotton Plus, who sources it organically from GOTS-certified facilities in India. My steel hardware comes from Jontay Webbing Source, who deals it for various manufacturing partners that mill it right here in the US. Lastly, I purchase my beeswax directly from the source at Swarmbustin' Honey, who is a super local farm based in PA. In summary, all the materials my bags are made with are 100% biodegradable and compostable, with the exception of my steel hardware, which is 100% infinitely recyclable with your local scrap metal recycling facility. Don't have the capacity to compost/recycle the bag yourself? Reach out to me using the Contact form to have your gear sent back to me, at which point I can compost/recycle safely for you.

My bag is stiff and sticky from beeswax. Is there anything that can be done about that?

Sure is -- use it! That's the only surefire way to break in your bag and reduce stiffness and that initial feeling of stickiness from freshly applied wax. Don't use cheap hacks to expedite this process. My products are meant to last you years and wear in organically.