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By purchasing from Unmarked Gear or having any working/business relationship with Unmarked Gear, customers agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Customers will only be served when using civil behavior and language. Any verbal or physical violence on behalf of the customer may lead to immediate termination of service without notice, among other consequences.

That's it. That's the whole list.

Privacy & Safety


Unmarked Gear is happy to offer custom solutions for specific problems.

That said, I am absolutely not willing to make exact copies of products that already exist, especially when this is requested under the implied or explicitly stated premise of it costing the customer less.

Not only will it not cost less, it is super unprofessional to rip off someone else's work.

Seriously, just buy it from the people who have already spent a ton of time, energy, and resources into perfecting it for sale. It really is cheaper than asking someone to prototype it from scratch. It'll probably be better made, too.


Unmarked Gear is happy to lend its support to the urban adventure gear community by offering a wholesale program.

Please reach out using the contact form or by shooting an email over to directly to learn more about wholesale opportunities and to evaluate whether we would be good fits for each other.

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